REMENBER HIM!!! well check him out he made this a better world!!

E3 Impressions & Easily Impressed Gamers, Diablo 3 Anger, Big THQ Changes, Gamers = Nazis? + More!

EA Trashes COD Again! FGC’s Ups & Down’s, Black Ops 2 & MW3 DLC Boycott? + More!

EA Stock Drops, Brazzers & the FGC, Children & Gaming, RE6 Price Gouging + More!

Capcom & EA Don’t Care About You! Digital Gaming = One-Way Cash Cow & Needs Guidelines

Company Forum/Gaming Bans, Dead or Alive 5, Zelda Storyline Outcry, Gamers Rally + More!

Politics & Gaming, Castlevania LOS 2? Shenmue 3 Plot Details, DMC Death Threats + More!

Metal Gear Rising, EA Origins Screws PC Players, MW3 Bans, DMC HD Reasons + More!

Square Enix Scared To Re-Make FFVII, XBox TOS, Capcom/NT Fanboys + More!

EA Gives Gamers BF 1943, UMvC3 Flops… For Now, Disgaea Gamers Help Society + More!

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